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  • Why should I work with SOS Training?
    SOS Training and Consulting is locally owned and operated! Our instructors bring years of practical experience as a first responder in the classroom. All of our courses guarantee exceptional results and we have the ability to CUSTOMIZE any curriculum to cater to your business or groups needs.
  • What does "Layperson" mean?
    The definition of Layperson is "a person without professional or specialized knowledge in a particular subject". We use this term throughout our site to show that each course can be taken by ANYONE - our courses don't require you to be a medical professional or first responder.
  • How does the Hybrid Course model work?
    The hybrid model gives the flexibility of online training paired with instructor led skills training. These courses have self-paced online material and a shorter in-person training. This method satisfies OSHA workplace requirements too.
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