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Safety Training + Certification Classes

Custom first aid and safety training courses in the Greater Seattle Area

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First Aid / CPR / AED / Instructor Training / Workplace Safety

Why Work with SOS Training?

SOS Training & Consulting is a Pacific Northwest based company that provides all different types of safety training and certifications. Our team of instructors consists of trained professionals who have used these safety tactics in real life - from medical first responders to police and firefighters! We provide personalized training and certifications for individuals and companies.

Our team of skilled instructors pride themselves on improving engagement and shortening overall course time with the hybrid model.

Safety Classes & Trainings


SOS Training provides first aid and CPR training courses for healthcare providers and non-healthcare providers. Courses are offered in different modes: in-person and hybrid.


Our courses are customized to include injuries or illnesses likely to be experienced by you or your employees.

We can also sell you an AED and

train you on its use!


SOS Training provides a course on administering Naloxone (Narcan) which reverses the effects of Opiate overdose.


Naloxone can be obtained without a prescription and is on hand at businesses, educational facilities, and other service providers.


Learn how to administer oxygen in an emergency situation.

This course can be added to First Aid/CPR for the healthcare provider.


Learn how to diffuse conflict with customers or employees with proven de-escalation techniques. These are the same techniques taught to first responders and outreach workers and can help you resolve a conflict with mutual respect and understanding.


This course is designed to help employees avoid unnecessary accidents by teaching safe vehicle operations. This course is modeled after the training provided to first responders and can be taught to groups or individuals.


A modified version can also be taught to individuals who have been in an accident to provide remedial training and ensure their skills are safe.


SOS Training provides customized consulting services including policy review, workplace safety surveys, coaching for promotion, coaching current and potential leaders, coaching individuals seeking to improve their soft skills, etc.

Contact us to learn more about our consulting capabilities.

Courses Available Now!

Hybrid Model Safety Training

SOS Training and Consulting is proud to provide a hybrid training model for most certifications. This allows you or your employees to complete the written skills portion of the test at your leisure, making the hands on training more focused and take less time out of your day.

In Person Only

This option provides experienced instructors in convenient locations around the Pacific Northwest. This method also satisfies OSHA workplace requirements.


Online + In Person

Our preferred training method!

The hybrid model gives the flexibility of online training paired with instructor led skills training. This method satisfies OSHA workplace requirements too.

Online Only

This method is available on some of our courses, and allows for self-pacing and course access after completion!

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide exceptional life saving training to companies and individuals in the Greater Seattle Area. At SOS Training, we customize the curriculum to support your specific needs! All of our courses are taught by experienced first responders that bring practical experience to the classroom.

Looking for a customized safety training course? We'd love to work with you.
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